Coffee, Tea and More

The Bus Stop’s coffees and teas are, quite simply, the most satisfying and delicious in the Region. Our coffees are brewed every other hour each day from a selection of full-bodied beans from around the world, hand-picked and roasted by the acclaimed Coffee Man Roasting Company. We are most proud of our sumptuous Espresso, which is bold, smooth and satisfying. Two dripped coffees are offered daily from a selection of African, Central and South American, and Far Eastern beans providing a wide range of textures, tastes and nuance.

Tea lovers will also be pleased with our sampling of teas and leaves from around the world served hot or cold, bold or sweet, for the perfect taste, aroma and satisfaction.

An extensive offering of cocoa, syrups, crèmes, chocolates, caramels and seasonings will complete the possibilities for an incomparable coffee and tea experience.

In addition to our coffees and teas, we offer an amazing selection of cider, cocoa, ice cream, smoothies, fruit crèmes and milkshakes, all made to your specification. Combined with our pastries, and baked sweets, the Bus Stop’s dairy and sweet beverage offers are sure to please.


Coffee Menu

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Hot Espresso Beverages

12 oz. - 16 oz. - 20 oz.

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Soothing Alternatives

On Ice Beverages

12 oz. - 16 oz. - 20 oz.



Add Espresso Shot: 75¢

Add Flavored Syrup: 75¢

Add Soy/Almond/ Milk: 75¢